Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stairs as book shelf

Nice way to store and display your books.

Desiretoinspire.Blogspot has some beautiful collection of stairs.

{image source: Apartment Therapy}

Perfect for a spring decor

Eucalyptus – A concept home store in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad has a good collection of bed linen, quilts, bed spreads, cushion covers etc. All their designs are so neat and inspired out of Indian vernacular designs and nature….peepal, eucalyptus, champa, sher, chaupad etc are the names of their collections…don’t the names itself feel so close to home and reminds us of our childhood. I wish they had an online store.

Eucalyptus is the brain child of Asha Reddy and designers Shaila Nambiar and Shruti Phagre-Mahajan. Visit Eucalyptus to know more about these enterprising womens and the techniques used in their wonderful creations.

{image source:}

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Riding in style

I always wanted a bike and this year looks like the wish would come true. Being a design junkie I keep looking at things with design excellence and good looks.

Then when it comes to bikes we have to look at other technical aspects too.

And of course the price :-(

From the latest designs I have come across the classic look is back in the triming of the bikes. That reminds me of the good old days when I started riding on my red Atlas cycle.

The options I found for myself are:

1) No one would say 'no' to these beautiful Electra bikes...they are so "pretty".

2) This is the match for me from Fisher Bikes

3) Then Specialized has some nice sporty ones.

4) Or the last option is to go with the brands available at Target price.Schwinn Mountain Bike.

{image source: Specialized, Fisher Bikes , Electra, Schwinn Mountain Bike}

Monday, March 16, 2009

Furniture stores in India

I have been lately hunting for some nice furitures for an apartment. Mostly been searching on the net for furniture stores in India. I know Fab India has some good collection of wooden furniture and they are available in the city were the apartment is.

In Living has quite some collection of wooden furniture and one thing great about them is they have free delivery and you can order online. When I first saw In Lining's collection I was reminded of West Elm which is my all time favorite furniture store in US.

{image source: In Living}

Strawberry bread

This week we met some old friends after a long time. I took strawberry bread along for the dinner. The texture of the bread is almost like cake but since the amount of sugar is less it is nice to have it along with ice cream.

I took the recipie from Joy Of Baking

The leftover bread was a nice snack with evening tea.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Contemprary styling with cotton

Brass Tacks Madras has a very neat line of Indian inspired clothing. They are very modern and look very comfy. Hope to see an online store soon. Brass Tacks Madras is a sure visit next time when I am in Chennai.

Very nice to see contemprary styling with Indian inspirations cropping up these days.
{image source: Brass Tacks Madras}

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